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Debate It! 22

I like the whole Justin Bieber story and thought his performance at the Grammys with Usher was pretty awesome, but I have to admit I'm not a fan. I may not exactly fit the demographic though.

Posted By Jon,

i am a justin bieber fan i love him so much i dont know wat i would do without him i mean seriously those ppl who dont like him are crazy

Posted By gamu,

i like his songs but i'm not a fan

Posted By glambert96,

I hate him

Posted By DJ AMS,


Posted By Keren350,


Posted By calii,

Wot's a Bieber? (That's the only thing that has given him any amount of coolness, but that's just because it rubbed off of the Ozzster.)

Posted By GimmeSomePsycho,

i hate bieber hes a fag

Posted By Third Pounder,

I think he's probably a nice young person but I think his 'talent" is marginal and he probably should try to discuss things like abortion and rape in his fluffy little interviews.

Posted By Actionamy,

Nah i reckon he is just a twat that was meant to be a girl but his gender was wrong

Posted By RockerChick,

I hate him

Posted By Britt,

makes me puke purple rainbows and glitter... ew heellllz no

Posted By 13snowdream13,

I love to hate him :)

Posted By wonderfulworld,


Posted By spicypea,

I LOVE JUSTIN BIeBER what did he ever do?????????

Posted By polkadots1991,


Posted By Rinisartika,

The way everyone is commenting saying how they hate Justin Bieber is pathetic. You probably haven't even given him a chance! Not everyone is gonna like him but most people just say they hate him but they don't know why. He has great music and his talent is amazing. If you watched Never Say Never (his movie) you would see all this, there's proof and the haters need to see this.

Posted By EvieK,

well thats Bullshit cause i would never see that shitty movie if i had a gun held to my head. justin bieber was a fag, is a fag and always will be a F A G!!! he has no talent he looks and sounds like a 13 year old girl so stop defending him and start being realistic. is you actually met this stupid little thing, he wouldn't care about you or how big of a fan that you are he would just sign an autograph and take your little picture and say next! so stop caring about him and saying that you love him cause YOU DONT KNOW HIM!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted By Morgana0109,


Posted By polerberr,

Although i hate his new hair style

Posted By ILY Dwayne Johnson,


Posted By Maggot200,


Posted By Deathbat,

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