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Debate It! 9

None soz

Posted By hayleeeeee xD, must have some deep issues to say stuff like that ace1263. I think that emos are amazing !!!^_^ ......but thats your opinion.

Posted By domiukaxx,

holy! you are a mean person! do you go on the internet just to insult people to get out you'r anger??? ^

Posted By bunny0974,

emos r both cool n amazing

Posted By why so serious ,

emos are ew

Posted By annaliesajane,

You know you can't change anything with your horrible attitude and people are not angry because they can deal with problems that they have, unlike you. Who the hell cares about the society!!!!

Posted By domiukaxx,

ace1263 wtf r u on about mate stop smokeing that weed and stop snorting cocaine its not good for u

Posted By gvidux,

I really don't like that you say the word ''retard'' whenever you want to insult me, state that I am less educated than you or just less developed mentally than is usual at a certain age ( if you want to go by the dictionary). However I doubt that it is any of your business to asses my metal or physical state, as you have not seen my brain scan, psychological analysis( that's if I had any done but I don't because I am not mentally ill, but you're implying otherwise) or better yet met me in person. So could you please come up with a better insult, thats if you can do so.
p.s. I know what I am doing with my life. I know very well what I shall accomplish, therefore the part about flipping burgers doesn't bother (insult or scare) me. Wouldn't it be better if you started thinking about your future and leave what I'm going to 'amount' in MY life to me.

Posted By domiukaxx,

I don't understand what you men't by this because I'm sooo fucking retarded. My brain can not cope with all these long and complicated words (said sarcastically ) . I hate to brake it to you but everyone has a lust for knowledge it's in our fucking DNA to be curious. So you are not as unique as think yourself to be. I just don't like the fact you you called me a retard because there are people who are retarded. When you use that word you insulting them not me. Trust me your words can not hurt or offend me. That's because I'm not one of thous people who have no self confidence, think that they are worthless and should end their lives and no little brat can change that. So have a nice life. Try being optimistic for a change and maybe , just maybe the world with seen just that little bit better.

Posted By domiukaxx,

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