American Girl Doll vs. Our Generation Doll

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Are American Girl dolls worth the money vs. Our generation? Not sure my 4 year old can tell the it just marketing or is there a product difference?

Posted By sneakygeek,

That our generation doll is horrific!

Posted By matt,

I have three American Girl dolls :D

Posted By JaxValentine,

I never had dolls from either one of them, but the American Girls look better.

Posted By Volatile,

OK, um they are BOTH American girl dolls. The one all prettied up is Samantha and the other is a character named Felicity, she just needs her hair brushed and her real clothes. I know, my daughters have both the Our Generation dolls AND American girl, and the Our Generation dolls don't look anything like that. They are actually really beautiful, as are the American Girl brand. Seriously, go to and check it out. You'll see. What an idiot who wrote this not even putting up a picture of the real Our Generation Doll and putting in a AG doll in need of a good washing and grooming....

Posted By michmcpher21,

Both of them are American Girl dolls as michmcpher21 said. The one on the right is Felicity Merriman (in her beautiful spring pinner!) and the one on the left is Samantha Parkington both being licensed yet retired (not available for sale on their website) characters. Our Generation dolls are made very cheaply and tend to imitate American Girl dolls. So I would get an American Girl doll- if they are too expensive then I suggest you could hunt up a second hand doll on eBay. They have beautiful historical clothing and each are unique in their own special way. They even come with good stories.

Posted By Alice's Wonderland,

They're both kinda creepy.

Posted By MrCherryblossom,

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