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Choose between these choose two authors!  | Aprilynne Pike vs. Jessica Verday
Choose between these choose two authors!
Aprylinne Pike wrote "Wings", "Spells", "Wild"! Jessica wrote "The Hollow", "The Haunted", "The Hidden"! Jessica AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL THE WAY! ♥ L♥ve y♥ur b♥♥ks s♥ much! Thanks f♥r them :))

How do you perceive Islam?
Obviously, not all muslims are the same. But, does Islam tend to represent peace or violence?

which is better?
It's been a long standing debate with my friends hour this so we need an answer :)

Who is sexier? ;) | Ryan Guzman vs. Channing Tatum
Who is sexier? ;)
Both! But Ryan a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiit more xD

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