wat is better for u

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if thirsty then water

Posted By bunty23,


Posted By hayhay365,

omfg. seriously?!?! coca-cola is ALL SUGAR! and, it disolves a penny in 1 week..... ew

Posted By Rylance,

so deffinetly water

Posted By Rylance,

it should be "what tastes better" obviously water is more heathly

Posted By bunny0974,

How is this political? :0

Posted By Ajahn,

what do you think?

Posted By zonda84,

I am saying a harrypotter play
Dumbledore: Lets see who's here today Ron
Ronald: Here!
Dumbledore: Harry
Harry: Here!
Dumbledore: Hermiofikle
Hermione: Its fucking hermione!
Dumbledore: Oh then hermione
Hermione: Here!
Ronald: Why the hell did you sware!
Hermione: Because he didn't know my name.
Harry: Stop fighting wierdos!

Posted By CoolDude114,

grammar lessons.

Posted By Samirah,

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