right or wrong

posted by mario17


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i think any one who is old enough and loves someone enough that they should be alowed to get marryed man or woman

Posted By cherry-pie,

i agree but i still think that being gay is wrong because its just not normal

Posted By mario17,

i am not normal
i know gay is wrong, but i just love man

so i am a gay

Posted By fajarbaru,

i don't get it, people think being gay is wrong but they don't really care about lesbians love is love

Posted By xx-Dig-xx,

Your question doesn't make sence, you have a picture of a homosexual couple with the title wrong and a photo of a heterosexual couple with the title right, So basically that is just your opinion, we cannot vote wether we think homosexual couples are right or wrong, you are stating it for us. lol. Retarded.

Posted By MaliaKanakali,

I agreed.. I would vote that gay is right anyway! I have friends who are gay...
I guess it depends on the environment you grow up in, we're not that homofobic in Norway, at least not in my town. Well, we have someone who would beat someone for their sexuality.. now that's wrong.

Posted By MsRain,

there is NOTHING wrong with being gay, it is their choice and no one elses, love is love regarless of if you are in a relationship with someone of the same gender or different

Posted By danielle_bvbbotdf,

Nothing wrong with homosexuality. im not answering that question above. its a stupid one.

Posted By Katieboychuk,

this question is stupid. there is NOTHING wrong wiht being gay. its not hurting anyone, so whats the big deal? Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness people! come on

Posted By playzoey95,

I'm not gay but I doing have eneanything agents them and if u do that's raciest agents gay people

Posted By Belowhell7241,

I mean, I'm gay 4 cryin out loud! This question is completely judging me.... Homos, 2 u, r wrong and heteros r right....? Y cnt we all just b fricken diff and just all get along? My best friend, Wynter, who is gay, 2, would b completely offended. Though he is rlly ovr dramatic... -_-'

Posted By XDemonxWolfX,

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